"City Roos", George Street - Brisbane City

Commissioned by BCC as part of the George St Redevelopment

Recently displayed at  Australian Pavilion World Expo -Shanghai

The design concept was based on sharing space with our natives and the conservation of our natural resources.

Historical records indicate that Aborigines, shared their resources with the Colonials upon first settlement. However, over time, the Colonials didn’t share their resources with the Aborigines. The Aborigines started pilfering the Colonials supplies and this eventually lead to the Aborigines being band from the city.

To represent the importance of sharing, plus other environmental issues where humans struggle to share space with the natives, I chose to create a work based on the form of a group of kangaroos relaxing in the city.

They are comfortable and taking advantage of the facilities. One ‘Roo’ is reclining on a park bench, while another waits patiently for beside a drinking fountain.

The arrangement of the Roos makes for many ideal photo opportunities of sharing space with natives.